Marvel NOW Avengers Line Up Assembled!

ImageIt takes three covers, but they have assembled! has officially released the covers for Avengers #1, which is the crown jewel to the Marvel NOW movement. Check out the line up so far, and let’s dissect who’s who:

Ok, let’s start on the left: obviously, we have Captain America, Wolverine and the Hulk. Looking more into it, we see the Captain Marvel (former Ms. Marvel), and in the air it’s Cannonball, who is a longtime New Mutant/X-Force/X-Men member. Now, who is that in the shadows? The insignia looks like something from the Eternals…or from the not too distant Fear Itself storyline.

Next up, middle cover: Thor, Black Widow and Falcon are the easy ones to spot…but what about the fire guy? It’s Sunspot, another former New Mutant/X-Force member that has made the leap to the big leagues. The last cover is pretty easy as well: we see the new Iron Man armor, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman and Hawkeye.

All in all, I’m impressed with this team. I like the additions of Cannonball and Sunspot, as it will add a great dynamic to the book…plus, I’ve been a fan of Cannonball forever. So, is that it? Nope. Writer Jonathan Hickman has stated that the roster will start at 18, and that some characters were left off to avoid spoilers. So, who would you want to see on the team?

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