Valiant's Eternal Warrior Comes to Throwdown with Archer and Armstrong This December


It’s gonna be a slobberknocker, alright!

Valiant Entertainment sent word out today that the “Wrath of the Eternal Warrior” will be heading on a collision course with the dysfunctional duo Archer and Armstrong this December. Family reunion? Yes, the kind where heads will roll. For those that don’t know, the Eternal Warrior is the brother to the immortal and often drunk Armstrong, and he is now on a mission to take out Armstrong’s new pal, Archer. Check out the official word from Valiant below, as well as the cover, pull box cover and interlocking variant covers, all courtesy of Valiant, and make sure to visit Valiant online HERE:

This December, there will be no escaping the “Wrath of the Eternal Warrior”! Valiant is proud to announce the return of the Eternal Warrior, the immortal master of war and weaponry, in Archer & Armstrong #5-8 — an all-new arc by New York Times best-selling author Fred Van Lente (Amazing Spider-Man) and red-hot artist Emanuela Lupacchino (X-Factor)!

No one in the Valiant Universe is more dangerous or more experienced in the art of war than Gilad Anni-Padda, the undying Eternal Warrior. After thousands of years on the battlefield, he has become an unrelenting force of nature, capable of dismantling entire armies with little effort and less conscience. His brother Armstrong, on the other hand, likes to read poetry and drink beer. Maybe that’s why they had such a bad falling out? But now — after years apart — the Eternal Warrior has a mysterious new mission: destroy young Obadiah Archer, Armstrong’s best-est new buddy and teammate in the war against The Sect.



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