Marvel Now! Young Avengers

Marvel Now! Young Avengers


The children are our future. has an interview up with Kieron Gillen, writer behind the relaunch of Young Avengers that hits this January. A very different team than the Young Avengers of old, this new team is a mix of Young Avengers, Teen Brigade, Journey into Mystery and Avengers. Here is the roster, straight from Gillen, and check out the whole article at the Marvel link above:

The core team is Wiccan, Hulkling, Loki, Hawkeye—i.e. Kate—Noh-Varr—aka Marvel Boy, ex-Protector—and Miss America. They’re being brought together by random chance! Or so they think. The reader will know—from [MARVEL NOW! POINT ONE]—that it’s Loki who’s brought them together. Which sounds like a plot.

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