Need to Read: Lady Killer from Dark Horse Comics


Review by Nolan P. Smith

(Victorville, CA)—I guess you could say I am late to the party, but after reading the first three issues of Lady Killer on the Dark Horse Comics app (click HERE for info on the app), I can honestly say I have been missing out. This, for me, is the surprise hit of 2015 so far.

So, what’s it about?

Josie Schuller is that picture perfect housewife in the 1960’s: she wholesome yet beautiful, has a loving family, a roof over her head and a smile on her face. Oh, and she’s also an assassin for hire. As calm and composed as she seems, when the time is right, the blood comes a pouring. I would say she’s like The Brady Bunch mixed with Dexter: if you see the huge contrast there, you can see how enjoyable this book really is.

Written by Joelle Jones (Helheim) and Jamie S. Rich with art by Jones as well, this was a very unexpected book to me. I will never look at an Avon saleswoman the same way again after reading the first issue. The book combines action, dark humor, and a bit of espionage as we see Josie balance the life of a hit woman for hire and that of a mother of two and a devoted wife. With issue #2, we see some, um, appealing undercover work as well as a shocking new target for Schuller. Issue #3 throws us right into the thick of it as our anti-heroine deals with the morals involved in her latest job, and what the consequences could be.

The artwork fits the time period perfectly, as we get crisp line work matched with amazing colors by Laura Allred. Each issue flows so well, that by the end of the issue, you are already wishing you had the next one in hand, and with the third issues cliffhanger of an ending, I wish issue 4 were out now.

Dexter meets the ideal housewife of the 60’s; that’s the perfect way to describe Josie. She’s smart, skilled, and more than able to take care of herself in any situation, as these first three issues have shown. Jones has created a book that is just begging to be picked up for television or the silver screen. I am on board with that, as long as the issues keep coming out from this same creative team. If you haven’t checked out Lady Killer yet, you need to. I would say drop by your local comic shop, but odds are they are sold out of some of these issues. Whether it’s a physical copy or on the Dark Horse Comics app, jump into the thrilling world of Lady Killer, as you know things will only get better from here.

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