Pastrami Comic Review: The Bounce #4

Pastrami Comic Review: The Bounce #4


By: Christopher Guzman-Pastrami Nation

Joe Casey and David Messina are all over the place in the fourth book of their new series The Bounce. When I say all over the place please understand that it is in a good way. Arguably the best, most in depth issue yet. This issue has everything: not only do we get to see an awesome battle between two Meta Humans but the character profile is definitely revealing. I admit, at first “The Bounce” had a sort of web head feel to it to me. Now that is not the case the story is really starting to take shape.

This issue starts with the infamous man in the dark suit getting some much needed me time. The TV switches on as he watches the wonders of devastation continue to unfold on the city.  The battle between good and evil is blurred as things come in question about the Spanish speaking behemoth as he rampages through town. Jasper visits a psychic hot chick with a familiar face that gives him a message he cannot get out of his head. All while the man in the dark suit continues to test his secret project that goes critical at the expense of another test subject. It is hard to go into it anymore and keep it spoiler proof.

This issue is loaded with a little bit of everything. The artwork consistently pops as the color and dynamics of each scene from dramatic dialogue to intense battle remains clean and treat for the eyes. The story line continue to deepen as each character new and old are brought to light or dark in the development of each persons trials an tribulations. This is a series to watch and I cannot wait to see what happens next. Book Four is a solid four on the Pastrami Nation Scale- till next time.


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