Questions and Observations From the Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer

Questions and Observations From the Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer

By Daniel Schwartz

This week saw the release of the first trailer for the new Tom Holland led Spider film, Spider-Man Far: From Home. This trailer was bursting with revelations, spoilers, and amazing visuals. What did we learn about Spider-Man and the MCU post Thanos?

1. Spider-Man is ALIVE! No big surprise there. While Peter’s dramatic death in Infinity War broke fan’s hearts, this film has been public knowledge for a long time. That said, we are all really happy to see Peter smiling and swinging around again instead of laying as a pile of ash on Titan.

2. Nick Fury is ALIVE! This was a little surprising for people. Nick also vanished in Thanos’ snap. This shows that the snap was likely prevented in Endgame.

3. Happy and Aunt May? There is a scene where Happy and Aunt May are clearly flirting. That would definitely be a departure from Comics lore. Could they be the next Marvel power couple?

4. Aunt May is OK with Peter being Spider-Man. She was shocked at the end of Homecoming when she discovered his secret. She is clearly over the shock and appears to be very supportive of his web-swinging exploits. Obviously, his tragic death is not something she knows about (it was likely erased from the timeline).

5. Peter and MJ? Zendaya’s MJ appears to get more screen time in the second movie. She is likely his love interest and he will probably disappoint her as he disappears frequently without explanation. Will he let her in on his secret to save their relationship? We will have to wait and see.

6. Mysterio a hero? In Mysterio’s brief clip, he appears to be battling Hydroman. Does he start out as a hero and fall into villainy? Is it all an act? He is the master of illusion after all. Either way, the costume is comic-accurate and looks awesome.

7. Change of costume. There are at least 3 different costumes seen in the trailer. There is his traditional suit from the first movie, a similar suit with black replacing the blue, and a black suit that looks similar to Spider-Man Noir. Noticeably absent is the Iron Spider suit. This would indicate that the events leading to Peter getting the suit never happened.

8. Tony Stark. Robert Downey Jr.’s iconic father figure is nowhere to be seen in the trailer. He is a huge part of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. This leaves his fate post Endgame up in the air. It is likely they wanted to prevent any further Endgame spoilers. Time will tell if Iron Man survives his battle with the Mad Titan.

Spider-Man Far From Home will hit theaters on July 5.

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