Real Rap Song of the Day- "June Remix" by RJD2 featuring Copywrite


“Sometimes I feel like my whole life’s a rhyme…full of punchlines and jokes…”

The Eugene, Oregon native has been providing the sound-scape to the underground hip hop since he broke on the scene in 1993 as a DJ. His albums include Dead Ringer, The Horror and Since We Last Spoke. The instrumental masterpieces of RJD2 are always unique, yet distinctively him. If you are wondering: who? Then my next question is: have you seen Mad Men?

If so, then you have heard RJD2’s work: the Mad Men theme song, A Beautiful Mine, is by RJ himself. Below is “June” the remix, which features Copywrite. The song is one of the most quoted songs for me, as the whole second verse sends shivers down memory lane for me personally. But it’s the music, the haunting, eerie music that RJ crafts that makes the song unforgettable. Check out the song below, and for more info on RJD2, check out his website at


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