Real Rap Song of the Week is Back! “Nouveau Depart” from Common Market


Ok, here we are, back with one of my favorite things to post: Real Rap Song of the Week! I know, we haven’t posted up much in regards to music as of late, but that ends here! Look for a new rap song AT LEAST every Sunday! So, for the first time back is one song that repeatedly bumps on my iPod…it’s Common Market, once again!

“I am worthy not worthless, I deserve this…”

Those are the words bouncing off of the sinister horns in the should be classic “Nouveau Depart”. Clocking in just over two minutes, the song drags you in from the beginning to end in such a small amount of time. Yes, content is a bit violent, but this song needs to be heard by rap fans looking for something great. Check out the song below, and let me know what you think!

PS-at the end, what he is saying is French for “I went with God”…just a little bit of FYI for anyone wanting to know.


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