The Realm #1 Review: Bounty Hunter at the End of the World

The Realm #1 Review: Bounty Hunter at the End of the World

The Realm
By Daniel Schwartz

Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Seth Peck and Jeremy Haun
Artist: Jeremy Haun

From the mind of critically acclaimed creator Jeremy Haun (The Beauty) comes the post-apocalyptic thriller The Realm.

A yet to be described catastrophe has unleashed hordes of mythical creatures onto the Earth. In the chaos, society has fallen, electricity has failed, and fear has conquered the planet. Criminals, Kings, and Bounty Hunters wander the post-apocalyptic landscape doing battle with each other and anyone else that gets in their way.

The first issue of The Realm follows the adventures of a bounty hunter known as Nolan. While delivering his latest bounty to a self-declared King, Nolan finds out that having a conscience may be his largest liability in this new and violent world.

Haun and Seth Peck do a great job in their first issue. Building an interesting world in 30 pages is very challenging. They offer just enough background to know that there has been a disastrous introduction of mythical creatures into our world. It will be fascinating to eventually get the details of how the apocalypse happened. From there, readers are introduced to a few interesting characters that are attempting to navigate the new world.

Not only is the story compelling, but the art is as well. The new world comes to vivid life on the pages of this introductory issue.

Overall, this comic is a must-have. Filled with humor and danger, Peck and Haun’s apocalyptic story serves as a great introduction to their destroyed new world.

Rating: 10 out of 10. World building is hard, except if you are Seth Peck and Jeremy Haun. They have it down to a science!