Reborn #2 Review: What Awaits in the Hereafter

Reborn #2 Review: What Awaits in the Hereafter

reborn-2-andrews-coverFor the second issue, Reborn sheds more light on life after death

By Nolan P. Smith

When Image Comics Reborn debuted last month, it blew me away. Mark Millar and Greg Capullo crafted an emotional, impactful debut issue that looked at what happens when our final curtain closes. With issue #2, we see a little bit more of what exactly is going on, and why Bonnie seems to be so significant in the afterlife.

With this issue, we see more of Adystria, which is pretty much a mythical personification of Heaven. Bonnie, who ended up in this land upon her death last issue, is now side by side with her father, de-aged and dressed in strange attire. As she journeys this new world with her father and old family dog, they visit the Queen of Fairies, who happens to be someone Bonnie knew very well from her previous life. It allows for a moment of reflection, and how one’s belief system can crush a soul when you realize nothing is what you thought it would be. We also see the counterpart to the positive, bright world Bonnie is in: a shadowy, dark land with more familiar faces that are plotting Bonnie’s downfall.

Millar and Capullo continue to fire on all cylinders with this sophomore issue. The land of Adystria is full of imagination at every turn, and the parallels from that world to our reality is really something to marvel at. Millar’s plot moves smoothly here, with a very surprising and incident enticing ending. Capullo once again shows why he is one of the best in the game, carving another notch of amazing books he has brought to life visually.

Though no real battle goes on in this issue, the stage is set, and emotional and mental wars were fought all the way to the last page. Reborn continues to impress and turn heads, and proves it’s a series that should be on your pull list.

Rating: 9.0 out of 10.

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