Red Dog #1 Review: Red Rover, Red Rover…

Red Dog #1 Review: Red Rover, Red Rover…

Red Dog451 Begins a Sci Fi Epic with Red Dog

By Nolan P. Smith

451 surprised me with the awesome series known as NVRLND, so when I saw that a new series was starting, I wanted to make sure to jump on the ground floor. Red Dog had me interested from the promo art and covers alone, so I knew I would have to get the first issue once it dropped. Now that I have had a moment to read through the debut book, I can say that 451 is poised to have another hit on their hands.

From Rob Cohen, screenwriter for The Fast and the Furious and XXX and writer Andi Ewington (ExMortis) with art by Robert Atkins (G.I. Joe) On the planet of Kirawan, there are 200 human being adults living on a mining colony, one kid, and one cybernetic dog, Q. For that one kid, Kyle, life can be mundane if not for his K-9 best friend. But when a supply transfer to Earth goes awry when natives of planet attack, it puts Kyle, his father, his uncle and Q in a world of trouble.

This is a sci-fi adventure waiting to burst loose. The world, the set up, the danger of being on a foreign planet with an unknown threat, it all makes for an exciting first issue. With the title of the book being Red Dog, it will be interesting to see what role Q plays in the book moving forward, as well as the bond between the canine and Kyle. Cohen’s story is something that looks and feels like a sci-fi epic waiting to leap off the page and onto the big screen. If sci-fi is your thing, then give Red Dog #1 a shot; you won’t be disappointed.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10.

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