Rest in Peace Ray Harryhausen

Rest in Peace Ray Harryhausen


The film industry lost a titan today as Ray Harryhausen passed away, he was 92 years old.

Harryhausen, the special effects genius behind Clash of the Titans, Jason and the Argonauts, and many more, is a legend to all in the industry. But to the general public, many don’t know his name, or the films behind it. Check out the AP news below, and check out some of his films, like my favorite, Clash of the Titans.

LONDON – (AP) — When Ray Harryhausen was 13, he was so overwhelmed by “King Kong” that he vowed he would create otherworldly creatures on film. He fulfilled his desire as an adult, thrilling audiences with skeletons in a sword fight, a gigantic octopus destroying the Golden Gate Bridge, and a six-armed dancing goddess.
On Tuesday, Harryhausen died at London’s Hammersmith Hospital, where he had been receiving treatment for about a week. He was 92.
Biographer and longtime friend Tony Dalton confirmed the special-effects titan’s death, saying it was too soon to tell the exact cause. He described Harryhausen’s passing as “very gentle and very quiet.”
“Ray did so much and influenced so many people,” Dalton said. He recalled his friend’s “wonderfully funny, brilliant sense of humor” and love of Laurel and Hardy, adding that, “His creatures were extraordinary, and his imagination was boundless.”
Though little known by the general public, Harryhausen made 17 movies that are cherished by devotees of film fantasy.

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