Rowans Ruin Vol. 1 Review: Super Natural

Rowans Ruin Vol. 1 Review: Super Natural

rowans ruin coverBoom! Studios Collects the Limited Series Rowans Ruin in Time for the Holidays

By Amie Macias

Contributing Reviewer

Boom! Studios captivates us with Mike Carey’s Rowans Ruin, and with this trade paperback, we get the whole limited series.

We are introduced to our heroine, Katie, by way of blog and video chats.  She has agreed to house swap with the ever reclusive, Emily; a shy introvert with a haunted past.  While staying in Emily’s home, Katie has an interlude with the supernatural, which surfaces an untapped gift she has tried to keep hidden.  Determined to play detective, Katie plans to get to the bottom of these encounters, and Emily’s fear; whether Emily wants her to or not.

An intriguing story line with a ghostly twist, Mike Carey, known for his amazing work of Hellblazer, does an awesome job keeping the reader engaged and wanting to keep the pages turning, with the pace picking up at the climax of the story, it is just beautifully engineered!  Matched with Mike Perkins’ artwork, who is known for his work on Captain America, and Stephen King’s The Stand.  He gives life to not just the living characters, but the phantasms practically jump off the page at you.  Andy Troy does a masterful job in keeping the colors and theme nice and dark, just the way we like it for a suspenseful, ’who done it’ story.

You need to pick this book up!  I give it an 8.0 out of 10