Six Flags Magic Mountain Brings Holiday Cheer During the Pandemic with Holiday at the Park

Six Flags Magic Mountain Brings Holiday Cheer During the Pandemic with Holiday at the Park

By Nolan P. Smith, Rebecca Benson and Evelyn Benson

Photos by Nolan P. Smith and Rebecca Benson

(Victor Valley)— Celebrating the holidays will be a challenge this year as we are still deep in the pandemic’s precautions. Social gatherings are not recommended, theme parks are closed- it seems like the year’s holiday cheer would go dim. Thanks to Six Flags Magic Mountain, families from all over could celebrate the holidays, at one of Southern California’s premier theme parks, from the comfort of their own cars. 

The three of us went as a family to see what Six Flags had in store. So we decided to review this event as a family and thoughts and impressions from all three of us. From my fiancee, Rebecca, to 11-year-old Evelyn, here are our thoughts. First up are the views from Rebecca Benson.

I was curious to see how they would set up the driving tour route throughout the park. It was an odd notion: driving through an amusement park, void of crowds, lines, noise, street vendors, etc. We were not disappointed!  Being asked to dim our headlights, we started our journey into the lands of Yuletide. This event was immersive, to say the least. 

Six Flags was able to stay true to their park personalities and their designated, themed areas. Lights flashed and danced, perfectly timed to the festive music. The “Underground” area featured hip-hop Christmas tunes. And as drivers exited the area, around a Christmas tree was a drumline trio that exhibited their talents to a Christmas remix. Even the transitions between sections gave spectators delight! There is something magical about Christmas snow. And Six Flags made sure no one would miss out on the opportunity to experience that! Each scene was carefully crafted to awe its onlookers.

One of the most impactful scenes was their Winter Wonderland. Greeting the spectators was a polar bear mama and her cub and a snow leopard. Surrounding them was a grove of trees, strewn in white-blue lights. To heighten the sense of being in a mystical land, the musical selection was spot on. From Harry Gregson-Williams’ “Father Christmas” from Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe to Danny Elfman’s “Ice Dance” from Edward Scissorhands. Also scattered throughout the attraction were dancers, elves, Mr. and Mrs. Claus, character princesses, and performers. 

Holiday at the Park has far exceeded my expectations. At a time when hope and glad tidings of great joy seem hard to come by, this is a fantastic opportunity for families to usher in the holiday season and, most importantly, make memories–all with safety in mind. Kudos and much appreciation to Six Flags Magic Mountain’s staff and crew for this adventure!

Next up are the thoughts and impressions from Evelyn Benson.

I went to the Six Flags Holiday at the Park, and I had so much fun there: I’m definitely glad I went. Here are some of my highlights:

  • The festive music and interactive scenes
  • The beautiful lights around the park
  • The special effects

As we drove through the park, I liked how it seemed around every corner we were in another dimension. Fake snow would rain down from the trees, and I’d roll down the window to touch it. Hot chocolate and funnel cake, along with some fun souvenirs are also available. Overall, I think Six Flags and their staff really did a great job, and I would love to go again. Disneyland’s really gotta step up its game ( hint, hint )!

Finally, my thoughts echo much of what Rebecca and Evelyn said. Six Flags has created a magical experience amidst these trying times. From the artificial snow to the various lands you visit, it is truly a one of a kind experience. To say we drove through the theme park sounds so surreal, and yet, it is one of the brightest memories of this season so far. This is one of the must-do events this holiday season and allows families just like ours to ring in the holiday cheer despite the world’s current situation. 

For more information on Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Holiday in the Park Drive-Thru, visit their website at

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