Six Predictions For the New Seasons of the Arrowverse Shows

Six Predictions For the New Seasons of the Arrowverse Shows

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By Daniel Schwartz

Summer is finally here. For fans of the CW’s Arrowverse, that means no more new episodes until October. There were major revelations, deaths, and a lot of foreshadowing that took place across the four connected shows (5 with Batwoman coming soon). The future looks pretty bleak as all of our favorite heroes will have to come together in December to tackle the Crisis on Infinite Earths (with at least two characters looking to be on the chopping block).

Based on all of the events from the past seasons and hints that have been dropped, these are the most likely significant events that will take place in the coming year.

Warning: Spoilers for all of the just-finished seasons of the Arrowverse shows are below.

1. Oliver Will Disappear

This has been hinted at since the Elseworlds crossover. It was believed that Oliver would have to sacrifice himself during the Crisis in exchange for saving Barry and Kara. This was then all but confirmed during the flash forward scenes on Arrow, where he has been long thought to be dead.

Then, during the season finale of Arrow, The Monitor appeared to Felicity and offered to take her to Oliver. This would indicate that Oliver is not killed, but simply somewhere else. Perhaps another Earth or even another planet. Whether he is dead or alive, he will likely vanish or appear dead in the Arrow finale. The crossover will likely end the Arrow series, so whatever happens to him, will be the end of his character’s story arc.

2. Barry Will Not Disappear

From the very first episode of The Flash, Barry’s disappearance has been teased. The virtual newspaper article has consistently stated that Barry vanishes in a “Crisis.” That is until the Flash season finale. Once Nora unwittingly helped the Reverse Flash change the timeline, Barry’s disappearance was moved up to 2019 (just in time for Crisis on Infinite Earths). This is what likely caused Nora never to be born. He vanishes before she is conceived (accidental Grandfather paradox).

Did Nora give Team Flash enough information to prevent Barry from vanishing? Possibly. He will likely discover that the date of the article has changed and he may find a way to prevent it. That, and it is hard to believe that Greg Berlanti would kill off one of his most popular characters, especially the title character of his universe’s flagship (following Arrow’s cancellation) series. While the Crisis will test Barry and likely see him attempt to run himself out of existence (as he did in the comics), it is doubtful that he will die or actually vanish during the crossover.

3. The Tornado Twins

There was an interesting Easter egg during the last season of The Flash. When Barry took Nora with him to the past, they met up with Eobard Thawne from Season 1. When Thawne spotted Nora, he assumed her name was Dawn. This would indicate that in his timeline, Nora has already been erased from existence, and he has knowledge of the Tornado Twins.

The Tornado Twins are Barry and Iris’ children from the future. Don and Dawn Allen are speedsters like Barry and have a rich comic history. I would not be surprised if we are introduced to Don and Dawn with Jessica Parker Kennedy playing Dawn. Having another child that looks like Nora, but is not Nora would add some next-level drama to Barry and Iris’ lives.

4. Alexander Luthor

One of the major players in the comic version of Crisis on Infinite Earths was Alexander Luthor. Alexander was from Earth-3, which was an alternate world where villains ruled, and Alexander was a hero. He plays a significant role in fighting the Anti-Monitor.

After Lena murdered Lex in the season finale of Supergirl, the Monitor appeared over his body and made it seem that he was taking Alex’s body with him. Does he plan on resurrecting Jon Cryer’s Lex Luthor, or does he have plans to remake him as a hero? Either way, it is a good bet that we have not seen the last of Superman’s arch nemesis, and he will have a role to play in the coming Crisis.

5. Zatanna Joins the Legends

This one is entirely out of left field. There are no hints that this is coming. I just think she would be a good fit with the Legends.

She could be introduced in the Batwoman series and end up on the Waverider. The Legends just spent the last season dealing with magic, but she could give them a magical boost as they deal with historical monsters and the loss of Zari going into the new season.

6. One World

Just like the comics, Crisis on Infinite Earths will likely crunch the multiverse into one tidy, easy to follow universe. No more jumping between realities or looking for more alternate versions of Harrison Wells.

After the Crisis, Supergirl will likely reside on Earth-1 with the rest of the Arrowverse. What implications will this have on Earth-1, its history, and its people? That is a good question. Stay tuned that will be the topic of my next article!

Daniel Schwartz has been a Pastrami Nation contributor for over 2 years. He is a father of 4 and husband of 1. He is a huge fan of all things Sci-fi and fantasy including Game of Thrones, Star Trek, and the Arrowverse. You can follow him on Instagram at 2 sites, @tvnerddude and @arrowverseweekly.

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