Snapshot #1 Review- What Would You Do?


Review by Nolan P. Smith

Writer: Andy Diggle

Artist: Jock

Publisher: Image Comics


It’s a pretty typical occurrence: finding someone’s cell phone. The temptation to keep it is there, as is the thrill of looking through the lens of someone’s private life. But what if you find something that you can’t take back? Something that changes your life forever? That’s the premise of Image Comic’s Snapshot.

Jake Dobson is living the life so to speak: a nice, mellow life as a comic store employee…who wouldn’t want to live like that? But the day he finds a phone and decides to take it marks the change of everything he knows. What he finds on the phone is something nobody ever wants to see: murder. That’s when trouble begins to follow him in this griping tale.

From the creative team that brought the world The Losers (which was a live action film) and Green Arrow: Year One (which is the basis to CW’s Arrow), Andy Diggle and Jock bring another addicting tale to the comic page. The characters feel real as they come to life in glorious black and white, and the story draws you in right from the get go because this COULD happen, right? Diggle crafts another enthralling story here, and Jock brings his crisp, trademark pencils to the forefront, making the book visually stunning. Some may think of shying away from the book due to it being in black and white, but to miss out on Snapshot is to miss out on something amazing. Besides, I really couldn’t imagine this book being the same way if it were in color. Highly recommended, I give Snapshot #1 a perfect @@@@@ out of five. Now, the only problem is waiting for the second issue.

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