Street Fighter Unlimited #2 Review: Fight!

Street Fighter Unlimited #2 Review: Fight!

NOV151683-2Review by Nolan P. Smith

(Victor Valley)— For Udon’s second issue to their latest Street Fighter series, Street Fighter Unlimited, we see a few more familiar faces surface as the plot thickens with the disappearance of the fan favorite, Chun Li. Last issue, we saw the spotlight mainly on Ryu and Akuma; this time, the focus shifts to Guile, Cammy, Ken and the hulking bruiser, Balrog, as well as the big bad of the story, Gill and his Secret Society.

Written by Ken Siu-chong with art by Joe Ng, this is a solid second issue. As the attention shifts, we see the military-minded Guile and Cammy rendezvous as they are out to uncover this new Secret Society, which will lead them to Chun-Li. Friends come in handy in these situations, as they recruit Ken Masters to help as they confront one of Shadaloo’s strongmen, the boxer Balrog. The throwdown that ensues feels like its straight out of the fighting game, as it translates so well through the panels.

The back up story features Necro, the elastic menace from Street Fighter III, and his partner in crime, Effie. This back up story is by Jeffrey “Chamba” Cruz, and shows Necro being transported in a maximum-security transport before being visited by his pint-sized cohort.

This is a solid second issue, as it further develops the plot and brings more characters into the fold. We see the all-powerful Gill and why he needs a certain Street Fighter to realize his plans, and we see where Guile and co. will be heading next in the search for their missing comrade. Street Fighter Unlimited continues to move ahead at full steam, let’s see who pops up in the third issue.

Rating: 8.0 out of 10.

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