Wulfborne #3 Review- All Journeys End

By Nolan P. Smith With this third issue, we come to the end of Scout Comics’ Wulfborne. From creator, writer, and artist Brian Middleton, we have reached the end of Wulfborne’s journey to the darkness, all in hopes of being reunited with his love, Luna, or at least temper the pain. With this issue, Wulfborne comes face to face with […]

Wulfborne #1 Review: A Walk Through Hell

By Nolan P. Smith Scout Comics has another amazing title on its hands, this time in the form of the dark series, Wuflborne. Created and drawn by Brian Middleton, the book followers Wulfborne the adventurer, who is on a journey that might mean his doom. “Come to me and I will heal your broken heart,”, these are the words Wulfborne […]