The Art of Pepakura

The Art of Pepakura

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By Jason R. Smith

Pastrami Nation

(Victorville)– Ever since people began to dress up and take on the role of someone else, there has been cosplay! As kids, we took towels and wore them as capes, proclaiming to be Superman or strapped on revolvers and played the role of a cowboy. Well, these days cosplay has been taken to an entirely new level due to the creative art form known as “Pepakura”

titanfall cosplay

Pepakura is just like origami, but on steroids. A picture is captured and transformed into a digital 3d model and broken down into 2d pieces that are printed out from your home printer on cardstock. From there the pieces are cut out folded and glued together to make a real life 3d model. After the model is built, it is then re-enforced with resins or fiberglass to make it solid and then painted.

halo helmet is one of the best out there at this process! If you are into cosplay you will absolutely love this! Please stop by and like this page as I highly recommend it!

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