The Batmobile and Batman Revealed: What Do You Think?

The Batmobile and Batman Revealed: What Do You Think?


By Nolan P. Smith

By now, everyone has probably seen the pic of Ben Affleck as Batman for the new Superman/Batman movie, as well as his Batmobile. Now, from what I have seen, the reactions are mixed: some absolutely love the look, and some say the ears are too short, or the suit isn’t original enough.

What do I think? I love it.

I love the nod to Frank Miller’s aging Batman in the classic graphic novel, The Dark Knight Returns. The wide, black bat symbol, the shorter, stubbier ears, the grizzled look of a Batman you would not want to mess with: for me, with this only this picture to go off of, I think it’s awesome. It looks like a comic book superhero brought to life: no leather, no crazy, unnecessary armor, just pure bat-greatness.

Now, I know a lot of people aren’t big on the ears being so small: I actually welcome this change in films, as I feel it has got way out of hand with other interpretations. The ears shouldn’t detract from the costume, and they shouldn’t be long enough to be a weapon on their own. As for the argument that the costume isn’t original enough: I can see the reason to want to see something new, some unique take on the Dark Knight, which could have been cool. Or, it could have been like the Nicholas Cage Superman costume that never saw the light of day… remember that? No? Lucky you.

The Batman/Superman cannot come soon enough! Now, let’s see what Wonder Woman looks like, and let’s hope for more comic accurate greatness!

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