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Xbox One Price Drop!

Xbox One Price Drop!

By: Dimsumhottie

Microsoft’s Xbox One has been chasing Sony’s PlayStation 4 in sales since they released. With almost 2 million more PlayStation units sold than the Xbox One, Microsoft has decided to take action. Microsoft asked the consumer what deters them from purchasing an Xbox one? The answer is the price! With that being said Microsoft has lowered Xbox Ones retail price of $499 down to $399, the same price as the Playstation 4!

In order to drop the price Microsoft has opted to offer the system without the Kinect. This is not a large sacrifice. The vastly improved Kinect is nice to use for navigating the dashboard however not a necessity. All other features and hard drive size will remain the same. The biggest draw back I would have to say is you won’t be able to quickly capture an epic moment on the game DVR with the “xbox record that” voice command. So for those of us that thought a drop in price was at least a year or two down the line you can now rejoice!


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