The Flash Season 6 Episode 04 Review

The Flash Season 6 Episode 04 Review

By Jeremiah Gagnon

Last time we were left hanging with questions such as, What did Nash Wells find in the manhole?

What is going to happen to Dr. Ramsey? Are we going to learn the answers, or will we be left with more questions?

Tensions are on the rise as Team Flash copes with the reality of a world without Barry Allen. During a meeting at the beginning of the episode, Cisco leaves upset that the rest of the team has accepted the foreseen future without trying to change it. All the while Barry, Iris, and Killer Frost are more concerned with saving as many people as possible. Soon enough, Barry is called away to perform his day job as a C.S.I. for the CCPD.

After a short but heartfelt talk with Joe, Barry decides that the way to help Cisco is to enlist his help to save Dr. Ramsey. HLH can only be cured by an act from God. That is Cisco’s response to Barry, who gets cut short from continuing the discussion by Nash Wells. He introduces himself and declares that an act of science will also cure HLH. Ralph Dibney also seems to be dealing with some internal issues on a missing person case he’s been working on for a while.

Throughout the rest of the episode, there is a subtle little nod to Indiana Jones, along with plenty of drama amongst Team Flash. Like all good leaders who train up their team to be the best they can, Barry doesn’t hesitate to use any opportunity to strengthen his group for a time without their fearless leader. So far, every episode this season has had some lesson to be learned. One thing you can always count on in ‘The Flash,’ are words of wisdom from Joe West who seems to be able to help anyone out of their slump.

As always, The CW loves their holiday specials, and Halloween is no exception. This episode is no different with the Halloween decorations in the background and the decision that Dr. Ramsey makes in the direction of self-preservation.

With the looming threat of “The Death of The Flash” hanging over everyone, there is no shortage of drama between all members of Team Flash. Ever since Barry learned his final destination and accepted it, he has been gung-ho to save as many lives as possible. Meanwhile, several other people cannot stand the thought of a world without him, and it’s all he can do to quell their aching hearts.

After all, how do you calm someone who can’t stand not having you around anymore?

This episode definitely gave some chills and, best of all, continues to remind us not to give up no matter the odds, and even if you can’t stop something bad, make the most of it and do what you can to help others while you can. That is a fantastic message to send viewers, and I wish other shows would send similars messages.

At the end, we are left with a feeling that despite the inevitable doom that is coming in six weeks, everything will be alright. With the show pretty much directing the viewers down the road to the Flash’s death, I do wonder what will come about with what Nash has discovered at the end, and how will Ralph locate the missing Sue? Only time will tell, and I look forward to uncovering this mystery.

Rating: 7.0 out of 10.

Jeremiah Gagnon is a happy-go-lucky goofball of a guy with a passion for all things Super Heros and Comic Books. He is also a Dungeon Master for an all-female actress, Dungeons and Dragons campaign. Gagnon is an amateur Magician, as well. He currently lives in Vancouver, WA. You can follow him on Facebook, YouTube at PressXForAwesome, and Instagram @unicyclezombie.

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