Rogue Sun #1 Review

By Jeremiah Gagnon My initial thoughts after seeing the cover are that the costume looks like a cross between Iron Man, Batman, and The Human Torch, with a touch of The Mandalorian. At the very start, we see Rogue Sun beating the snot out of a hooded figure in the city of New Orleans. Rogue Sun sends the mystery figure flying into a building […]

Magic the Gathering #11 Review

By Jeremiah Gagnon We open with the scene of the aftermath of a battle three months after it finished. The destruction scene is massive. We follow Chandra Nalaar, The Firebrand; she is a planeswalker not known for her excellent sense; as she explores what remains of The Battle of Amonkhet. As she explores the ruins and wanders about the great war machines, she hears the […]

Comic Book Review: Captain Marvel V2. #3

By Jeremiah Gagnon For this review, I check out Captain Marvel V2. #3 from IDW.  Our story begins with Carol Danvers A.K.A Captain Marvel waking up in her apartment. She gets up, feeds Chewy her Flerken, and meets Jessica Drew A.K.A Spider-Woman for breakfast only for their conversation to be interrupted by a small group of street thugs attempting to rob a shop. The two heroines […]

Comic Book Review: Murder Hobo! Chaotic Neutral

By Jeremiah Gagnon Today I take a look at Murder Hobo! Chaotic Neutral from Scout Comics. The story starts out with Spectra Liaison arriving at a village. When she attempts to speak with the villagers, all they say is nonsense. Unsure as to why this is happening, she goes into town trying to find the inn. A floating creature with a head […]

Graphic Novel Review: Star Wars Adventures- The Clone Wars – Battle Tales

By Jeremiah Gagnon We start out witnessing a battle between the Galactic Republic Clones and the Separatist Battle Droids. The droids lay down, suppressing fire, keeping the clones at bay. The battle droids call in for reinforcements to better their odds, and moments later, the Super Battle Droids arrive, causing even more havoc on the battlefield. Hope is not lost […]

Lost Soldiers #3 Review

By Jeremiah Gagnon The story begins at the scene of a warehouse shootout, with SUV’s acting as berries for each side. On one side, we see two old guys, and on the other, we see a team of younger men. The younger team is taking heavy casualties. Unfortunately, the skills and experience of a two-person team will only take them […]

D&D Or Nothing: Episode 3

By Jeremiah Gagnon After leaving the waterfall. Aayushi’s horse stepped on a branch that set off a trap which sent a screech out into the air. Moments later the chanting of natives on the hunt could be heard. The party moved on. Love Trip flew up to look for anything, all they could see was a large clearing, four pteranodon’s […]

Jim Henson’s The Storyteller: Ghosts #2 Review

By Jeremiah Gagnon I haven’t read any of the BOOM! Studios entries in The Storyteller series, but my initial thoughts upon seeing the cover are hopeful of a spooky good time. Let’s take a look at Jim Henson’s The Storyteller: Ghosts #2, a comic by Jennifer Rostowsky, Jim Campbell, and a cover by Michael Walsh.  The comic book starts with […]

The Philosophy of Deadpool Review

By Jeremiah Gagnon For those of you who may not know, the fourth wall represents the proverbial wall between the audience (us) and the characters on the screen, the stage, in a book, or in this case, a graphic novel revolving around the Merc with a Mouth, Deadpool AKA Wade Wilson of Marvel Fame.  Right out of the gate, we […]

Marvel Action Spider-Man #8 Review

By Jerimiah Gagnon Right off the bat, the cover to Marvel Action Spider-Man #8 leads me to believe that there is more to this story than meets the eye and I am eager to find out if my original quanderings have merit. A good Spider-Man story never disappoints, will this one prove this to be true? From Delilah S. Dawson, […]

Sonic the Hedgehog #20 Review

By Jeremiah Gagnon After only reading the first page, I am already excited about what promises to be a zombified adventure for our speedy blue spiked friend. Not only does it show a map of all the cities; it also indicates which ones have fallen and where each of our heroes are during the events of the story. It also […]

Marvel Action Captain Marvel #1 Review

By Jeremiah Gagnon When an army of cute and cuddly, but also man-eating cats invade the island of Manhattan by the thousands who will defend us when the Avengers are off in space…again? None other than Captain Marvel herself. The question remains, will she be able to figure out where this swarm of felines have originated from and will she […]