The Future of Marvel NOW is Explosive! Noto on Thunderbolts!


Justice…like lightning!

Marvel has sent out another teaser for a Marvel NOW book, but this one is pretty easy to put together: it’s the Thunderbolts getting a new artist, Phil Noto!

Now, why Elektra and the Punisher are so…friendly, I don’t know, but Noto’s art is always top notch so it should be a fun ride! (Not to mention Way writing…and Way is a pretty great writer, no doubt).

What do you think of this? Out of character? Good for Noto? Why no more Dillon? Let us know!

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      No, it’s not out of charater, there’s nothing wrong with the Punisher having some sex here and there, but it has to be with certain women like Elektra who is tough, a bit insane and damaged.

      The last time they did that was back in 2003 in Marvel Knights Punisher issue #27
      (Thoughts) “Damaged goods, no doubt about it. Likes killing people. Completely insane. Never thought I’d meet anyone quite like her. About to take my life in my hands. Then again, I do that every day.” (Dialog) “Wait. You want to have dinner tomorrow night?”

      Although it wasn’t seen but I doubt they actually wasted there time going out to dinner at some restaurant. Anyway… I hope this is just sex… meaningless, passionless, loveless sex. They have some time to kill, so they’ll just do this… he did that with Kathryn O’Brien
      “You cold?”
      “You lonely?”
      “You want to jump my bones anyway?”

      There both ruthless anti-hero killers, they’ve never been enemies, although they only met once and it was pretty much implied that it ended with a night of sex. There both the silent straight face serious type… but I hope they don’t have an Odd Couple/Han Solo Leia partnership where they just argue and throw insults at each other… that’s been done to death. I’m not saying they should be a couple, but the Punisher is the only male member on that team that Elektra should be doing this with.

      Why no more Dillon? Well Dillon’s style only fits normal looking characters like Preacher and the Punisher… not superhero characters like the Red Hulk, Elektra, Venom, and Deadpool. They look like there from King of the Hill. And a lot of people don’t think much of Daniel Way (he somehow thought Wolverine needed a son… Daken) and most have dropped this title after issue 2 or 3.

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