The World’s First Geriatric Assassin is Back: Agent 88 is Now on Youtube!

The World’s First Geriatric Assassin is Back: Agent 88 is Now on Youtube!

By Nolan P. Smith
What’s better than a story about a kick-ass, bloody story about an unstoppable assassin? Well, make the assassin a senior citizen! That’s Agent 88 for you, a short film that ramps up the violence in the same vein as Kill Bill, but with the British charm of 007. Starring an 88 year old woman who teeters on the verge of Alzheimers; that’s a dangerous combination- Alzheimers and the skills of an assassin.
We spotlighted Agent 88 throughout its Kickstarter campaign and after: it was easily one of the best projects we have spotlighted, and the film itself turned out to be a slice of violence heaven. Now that the film is on Youtube, free for all to see, as well as free at, there’s no reason to say you haven’t seen it.

The film can be seen for FREE at and on the Agent 88 YouTube channel at


The worldwide online release was on August 8th, 2015. That’s 8/8 for you mathematicians and numerology freaks out there.

Who: The short film stars 80-year- old veteran actress and real-life martial arts enthusiast Kay D’Arcy (“Paranormal Activities-Triple Threat”), as well as Carlos Gallardo (“El Mariachi”), Joseph Gatt (“Game of Thrones”), Damion Poitier (“The Avengers”), Ryan Martin (“PayDay”), Scott Vance (“Jersey Boys”), Ricardo Mamood Vega (“Ultraviolet”), and Satine Phoenix (“Labyrinth Masquerade”). Cameos include “TMNT” co-creator Kevin Eastman and “Underworld” creator Kevin Grevioux.

At the helm are Director/Creator Digger Mesch (“Other Dead”, Art Asylum), Producer Jan S. Utstein (“Violent Messiahs”, “Payday: the Heist”), Writer William O’Neill (“John Carpenter’s Snake Plissken Chronicles”) and Executive Producers Derrick Redearth and Demian Lichtenstein (“3000 Miles To Graceland”).

I can’t recommend Agent 88 enough. Created by a combination of super talented individuals, including Digger T. Mesch, from the hit comic book The Other Dead and the super popular Art Asylum, this film should not be missed! Check it out!!!

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