Titanfall Reveals New Game Mode “Marked for Death”

Titanfall Reveals New Game Mode “Marked for Death”

By: MrandMrsSmith

There are a number of announcements from Titanfall at E3 this year that we will be covering and one of these announcements is the reveal of the newest game mode ” Marked for Death” for Titanfall! In this multiplayer mode, one pilot from each team is selected to be marked for death! Being marked for death means your team needs to make a decision to either protect you or try and execute the opposing teams marked player or perhaps a coordinated attempt at both! Oh and did I mention that as a marked pilot you also appear as a big red dot on the mini map for the opposing team?!


This game mode brings back of memories of “Guardian” mode from Gears of War or even the 1980’s classic movie “The Running Man” with Arnold Schwarzenegger. This new mode will definitely get the blood pumping and the muscles clenched! Please stay tuned as we will definitely be bringing you more news on Titanfall from E3!


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