Valiant’s BOOK OF SHADOWS #1 Trailer Revealed!

Valiant’s BOOK OF SHADOWS #1 Trailer Revealed!

By Staff Reports

Face down an ancient threat with his hands on the Book of Shadows in this exclusive trailer reveal!

The epic Valiant blockbuster series BOOK OF SHADOWS featuring the first-ever team-up of the supernatural protectors of the Valiant Universe debuts on July 27th. SHADOWMAN. PUNK MAMBO. ETERNAL WARRIOR. DOCTOR MIRAGE. PERSEPHONE. But will they be enough to stand against the fearsome foe, Exarch Fane?

In a recent exclusive with CBR, series writer Cullen Bunn talked about the danger facing our heroes in their first team-up in BOOK OF SHADOWS #1, calling it a “...massive, cosmic, world-ending nightmare. Exarch Fane is a serious threat to the Valiant Universe—a threat with a charming, sharp-toothed smile.”

BOOK OF SHADOWS #1 is on sale July 27th. Join the Valiant Community on Discord and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and as always, stay Valiant! 

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