Vault Comics Announce Line of Vault Vintage Covers for Every New #1 in 2019

Vault Comics Announce Line of Vault Vintage Covers for Every New #1 in 2019

By Staff Reports

Vault Comics announced the first issue for each new series will feature a unique Vault Vintage homage variant cover. Each Vault Vintage cover will be drawn and designed by Nathan Gooden and Tim Daniel. Vault Vintage variants will be open order variants.

Begun in 2018, the Vault Vintage cover line celebrates the artistic achievements of both modern and legendary comics artists. The back cover of each Vault Vintage cover features a detailed history of the original cover and the creative team who produced. Vault Vintage covers are designed to celebrate the creators and covers they honor, and to ensure readers learn about some of the most important moments in comics history.

“Comics are a continuum of artistic talent, storytelling and creation.” said Tim Daniel, Vault’s VP of Branding & Design. “We stand on the shoulders of those that have come before us and our Vintage cover line respectfully acknowledges their achievements. We hope you’ll discover our amazing stories and go explore all of theirs!”

Below are three examples of Vault Vintage covers that will be out this year:

QUEEN OF BAD DREAMS #1 Vault Vintage cover pays tribute the Michael William Kaluta’s famous cover to the 1981 Madam Xanadu one-shot.


TEST #1 Vault Vintage cover pays tribute to Geoff Darrow’s cover to Warren Ellis and Darick Robertson’s Transmetropolitan #1.


SHE SAID DESTROY #1 Vault Vintage cover pays tribute to Fiona Staples’ cover for Saga #8, the series she co-created with writer Brian K. Vaughan.

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