Weavers #1 Review: Married to the Mob

Weavers #1 Review: Married to the Mob

WeaversWeavers #1 weaves a promising start for the latest series from Boom! Studios

By Daniel Schwartz

Contributing Guest Reviewer

Many superheroes begin their careers being chosen by their powers. The Green Lantern ring chose Hal Jordan because it saw the hero in him. In another reality, the Spider Totem chose Peter Parker to be Spider-Man. In Boom! Studios new series Weavers, the weaver chose the unfortunate protagonist against his will and made him a part of a dark and powerful organization.

Wielding a Spider-like set of powers Sid Thyme obtained his abilities when the previous owner died. The weaver gives the owner the power to strike opponents with an organic, glowing lash that comes from their hand. When a Weaver’s powers activate, their heads change appearance and they unleash a powerful weapon that can easily cut a person in half.

Unlike the Green Lanterns, the weaver chooses people to join a criminal underground. With no choice, the selected people are made a vital part of a violent and deadly mafia. Becoming suspicious of his eagerness to learn and his hesitancy to kill, Don Harvest (The head of the crime family) sends Sid on a mission to prove his loyalty to the organization. Teamed with Harvest’s daughter Frankie, Sid must set aside all doubt and do whatever it takes to succeed in his new mission.

Part mafia story, part superhero story, Weavers gives readers a twisted and enjoyable tale of power and choice. With a effortless blending of the two genres, Simon Spurrier delves the reader into a seedy underworld where the mob has superpowers and leaves their recruiting to fate.

Dylan Burnett’s pencils are amazing as he gives life to the monstrous appendages the Weavers wield. Not only does he make the superpowers look great, but he also fleshes out the characters and makes them jump off of the page.

Rating 9.0 out of 10. Boom! Studios starts a very promising series that follows a like able lead (Sid) and mixes in superpowers and the mob. I will definitely be looking forward the next issue.

Publisher: Boom! Studios

Writer: Simon Spurrier

Artist: Dylan Burnett