Who Is Buried In The Arrow Grave?

Image AR401A_0294b -- Photo: Dean Buscher /The CW -- © 2015 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
Image AR401A_0294b — Photo: Dean Buscher /The CW — © 2015 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

By Daniel Schwartz

Contributing Guest Reviewer

As if one shocking moment at the end of the season premiere was not enough (Quentin Lance working with Damien Darhk), fans were treated to a shocking flash forward as well. Taking place 6 months after the end of the season premiere, Oliver is seen standing over the grave of an unknown person.

When Barry Allen appears and says that he is sorry that he could not go to the funeral, it is obvious that the grave belongs to someone close to Oliver that will die this season. This left fans wondering which member of Team Arrow would be taking a dirt nap by the end of the season. What are the odds of your favorite character spending the season finale as a corpse?

Sarah Lance: Odds 1000 – 1

Possible, but not likely. Sarah has already been “dead” twice on the show. Once when the Queen’s Gambit went down and again when she was killed by Thea. With her insanity-laced dip in the Lazarus pit giving her new life, look for Sarah to cause drama for Team Arrow as the season moves on.

While it is not out of the ordinary for characters in the Arrow-verse to “die” multiple times, three deaths seems like a little much. Since she will be a starring member of the “Legends of Tomorrow” team, it is very likely that she will leave Star City and live to fight Vandal Savage with her new team after the mid-season finale. Unless they want to make Sarah dying a Southpark-style running gag, she will remain in the land of the living come the end of the season.

Laurel Lance: Odds 500 – 1

Will the price of Sarah’s resurrection be the sacrifice of her sister? Not likely. Bringing back one Lance and killing another would make no sense in the narrative of the story. With Sarah taking on the identity of the White Canary, Star City and the Green Arrow need the Black Canary.

It is well known that Laurel is not exactly a fan favorite, but her character is far too important to the Green Arrow mythos to end her story this season.

John Diggle: Odds 50 – 1

Unable to forgive Oliver for kidnapping his wife, Green Arrow’s former right hand man has no love lost for him or his cause. Carrying on in his absence, Diggle became the leader of Team Arrow and even began wearing a mask and costume before Oliver returned from his “honeymoon”.

After discovering that Damien Darhk’s HIVE was responsible for his brother’s death, Diggle has Darhk and his organization in his crosshairs. With the help of the Green Arrow and his ARGUS contacts, Diggle may come face to face with Darhk. While attempting to avenge the murder of his sibling, he may end up suffering the same fate against the powerful and mysterious villain.

Thea Queen: Odds 10 – 1

Oliver’s younger sister has had emotional ride ever since her dip last season in the Lazarus Pit. Donning the crimson costume of Speedy/Red Arrow and fighting crime next to Diggle and Laurel, Thea came a long way from the spoiled rich girl seen in the first season.

While she has been a strong member of Team Arrow, she has had problems controlling her rage and bloodlust due to the effects of the Lazarus Pit. This season she has already let her anger get the better of her on more than one occasion. Because the only thing that can placate her desire for violence is murder, she may quickly find herself on the outs with her team. By the end of the season, Oliver may need to put her down if her rage causes her to attempt to kill a member of Team Arrow or someone else.

Quentin Lance: 5 – 1

In what has been the most shocking moment of the season to date, fans were stunned to learn that the honorable Quentin Lance was working in league with Damien Darhk. To what end the season’s primary villain is using Quentin has yet to be determined. So far, their relationship appears to be somewhat confrontational, but Quentin always seems to agree that he will do what Darhk demands.

While he is clearly working with the powerful villain, he has been holding back on him. Darhk wants desperately to know the identity of Green Arrow and his team. Because Quentin knows who is behind the masks (including his own daughter), his life is in peril as Damien would see his silence on the matter as a betrayal. Whether Quentin is killed for not disclosing Team Arrow’s identities, or sacrifices himself in an act of redemption, the senior Lance is definitely in danger this season.

Felicity Smoak: 2 – 1

The first thing most fans noticed when Oliver was standing over the grave, was the absence of his lady love. When Oliver is in that much pain and mourning the death of a close friend or family member, wouldn’t she be at his side?

Her absence would definitely explain Barry feeling the need to console Oliver at the grave site. Would the show runners kill off the heart of Team Arrow and break Oliver’s heart at the same time? The simple answer is yes. Her death would have a profound effect on Oliver going into the next season, giving the show a darker tone going forward.

Could her absence be meant to make fans assume that she dies this season in order to surprise them with the real death? Yes, but at this point, she is still the most likely cast member spending the finale six feet under.

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