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Wolfenstein : The New Order Review

Wolfenstein : The New Order Review

By: MrAndMrsSmith

Wolfenstein “The New Order”answers one of the most historical questions of all time, “what if the Nazis won World War 2?” In Wolfenstein “The New Order” that is exactly what has happened. The year is 1960 and the Nazis have dominated the entire globe and you, special operative B.J Blazkowicz, must form a resistance and fight!

Gameplay: The controls are what we are all used to “a la call of duty style” as I like to call it. It has plenty of blood, gore and overpowered weapons that inflict tons of shredding damage to enemies and this is good! Very easy to maneuver and navigate your character. Did I forget to mention the technology for weapons in this game are far superior to what was actually available in 1960? Its a lot of fun walking around duel wielding automatic shotguns!

Graphics: The graphics are not jaw dropping but are definitely next gen. This combined with long loading times after you die makes me sad. Even the cinematic scenes in between chapters seem to be a bit unsatisfactory and lacking in greatness. After playing Ryse “Son of Rome” I know what this system is capable of graphically and expect nothing less!

Final Grade: I will be honest here, the only thing that keeps me coming back to this game is its story and the fact that I can cause a lot of chaos with overpowered weapons. Mediocre next gen graphics, long loading times, no multiplayer and no co-op make this game a drag for me otherwise. I have to give this game a 7 and I think that’s a generous score.


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