WWE's Alberto Del Rio Suffers Concussion, PPV Match in Jeoparady


It looks like his destiny might be pushed back yet again.

Sources from within the WWE have been spreading the word that Alberto Del Rio suffered a “serious concussion” on this past week’s Smackdown. Del Rio is set to fight Sheamus for the title this Sunday, but that might not happen. Since the No Way Out PPV is just around the corner in 7 days, the WWE has been putting plans in place in case Del Rio is not medically cleared to wrestle. Ideas going around include taking Kane from his triple threat match and having him face Sheamus, or holding a battle royal/beat the clock challenge on Smackdown to decide a new #1 contender.

How did Del Rio get a concussion on Smackdown? Well, remember when he got his head rammed into the metal WWE logo on the entrance ramp this Friday? Yup, that was it. More info to come as it becomes available.

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