Xencelabs Enhances Learning at All Levels with new Pen Tablet Education Pack

Xencelabs Enhances Learning at All Levels with new Pen Tablet Education Pack

By Staff Reports

Xencelabs Technologies is helping educational institutions enhance the learning experience and integrate creative technologies into their curriculum with its Xencelabs Education Pack.

The new resource is ideal for schools with art and design programs or a focus on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) courses. The Education Pack includes 10 Pen Tablet Medium devices, 15 three-button pens with eraser, cables and accessories – all the basic components necessary to give students at the higher education and K-12 levels more flexibility in how they learn, whether it’s on-site, remotely or through a hybrid combination.

The Education Pack is the latest effort by Xencelabs to support education and the changing needs of students and faculty as they continue to adapt to the new realities of the classroom experience.

“Today’s art and design students are tomorrow’s creative professionals,” said Hannah Imperial Cannon, Director of Business Development at Xencelabs. “It’s critical to get the latest technologies in their hands now to help them prepare for their careers. It’s equally important to make it easy for their faculty and IT teams to set them up with the right infrastructure as they move along in an increasingly digital world. That’s why we’ve tried to think of every possible scenario and everything a school needs with this pack: multiple devices and accessories all packaged conveniently and securely at an affordable price.”

A Gateway to Learning

Xencelabs works with a diverse group of educational organizations, including traditional universities and colleges, schools with specialized industry curriculums and online or hybrid programs.

Full Sail University, Brainstorm School and Elite Academic Academy have partnered with Xencelabs to drive the adoption of tablet technologies across a range of students including working professionals in continuing education courses, college and high school students preparing for digital media careers and younger students starting to explore their options.

Regardless of the level, the goals are the same: meet students’ changing expectations for technology in the classroom and provide them with experience using the same professional drawing tools they will find in professional workplaces.

Nolan Smith can attest to that.

A veteran technology journalist and educator, Smith is familiar with the Xencelabs tablets. He reviewed them for his website, PastramiNation, and his step-daughter Evelyn, a 12-year-old aspiring animator, also put the tablets through their paces. Smith works with students around her age through his work at Elite Academic Academy, an online TK-12 charter school, so he’s intimately familiar with the impact technology can have on a young student’s development.

“She has always loved to draw,” Smith said. “At first it was an easel and journals and now it’s tablets she can draw on just as if she were using paper and pen. I saw this as a perfect tool to help her achieve her dreams of being an artist or animator. It was cool to see her gravitate towards digital art because the reality is if you want to get a job in a creative field, you have to know how to use the tools. These tablets are a gateway to learning.”

Smith and Xencelabs’ Bill Lindsay recently sat down for a discussion on the changing state of education and technology’s role in the new classroom. Watch the full video below:

Xencelabs launched in 2021 to deliver a digital tablet alternative customized to the professional requirements of artists and designers working in a range of creative applications. The company has since unveiled new tablet sizes, easily downloadable software drivers and accessories, all designed to make users’ jobs easier and achieve the optimal mix of comfort, customization, ergonomics, intuitive use and compatibility with different devices and operating systems.

The Xencelabs Education Pack is available to schools for $2,250. It also includes a convenient storage box to help educators manage their tablet inventory. For more information, visit

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