Xencelabs Small Tablet Review- From a 12-Year-Old Artists Perspective

Xencelabs Small Tablet Review- From a 12-Year-Old Artists Perspective

By Nolan P. Smith


The Xencelabs Medium tablet was reviewed earlier this year, but we take a special look at the Xencelabs Small Tablet for this review. My 12 -year-old step-daughter Evelyn B, who has loved to draw all of her life, took the tablet on a test drive for this review.

The Xencelabs Small Tablet packs all the punch of the medium tablet, but on a smaller scale, perfect for traveling. Evelyn loves to draw, but this was her first foray into digital art. We connected the tablet to my MacBook, booted up Adobe Illustrator, and let her cut loose.

“It was all new to me, I’m used to drawing on paper,” said Evelyn. “It’s very sensitive to the touch, and after I got the hang of it, it was very easy to use.”

She went right to work, drawing up characters left and right. It was great to see the ease of setup and the ease of use for her. She got to start drawing right away and didn’t want to stop.

“The pens were nice,” said Evelyn. “They were lightweight, but not too light, and sleek.” The two pens that come with the tablet fit in a very nice carrying case and features a wide array of tips to fit your artistic needs.

It is easy to install, and with so many pressure and sensitivity levels, Xencelabs has shown that they are THE tablet for today’s digital artist. The pens have a perfect amount of weight to help keep the natural flow of drawing, and the compatibility is fantastic, as it works with just about every graphic design software you can think of.

The only thing Evelyn wished was different was the size of the tablet’s workspace. She also wished different colors were available for the tablet, like pastels, neons, and rainbow.

RATING: 4.5 Pastrami Nations out of 5

Pastrami Nations

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