Z2 and King Diamond Announce Limited Edition Abigail 18th Century Hearse and Platinum Edition of Abigail Graphic Novel

Z2 and King Diamond Announce Limited Edition Abigail 18th Century Hearse and Platinum Edition of Abigail Graphic Novel

By Staff Reports

Z2 Comics, the leader in music-inspired graphic novels, and legendary metal trailblazer King Diamond have announced a Platinum Edition Bundle of Abigail, the previously announced graphic novelization of the iconic 1987 album. The Abigail Platinum Edition Bundle includes a 15-inch long model of the 18th-century hearse featured on the cover art from Studio Dzyan’s Torbjörn Jörgensen and Thomas Holm—representing the titular Black Horsemen from the album’s ninth and final track.

“Watching Abigail possess a new medium has been a huge thrill,” King Diamond says. “The new hearse toy is the perfect touch to usher this project into your home.”

Set for release in late November 2021, King Diamond’s Abigail exhumes the concept album as a graphic novel, written by King Diamond with Dan Watters (Home Sick Pilots, Lucifer, Arkham City) and drawn by Damien Worm (The October Faction, Dark Souls). The bundle also includes art prints  and greeting cards illustrated by Damien Worm, Dicky Candra, and Torbjörn Jörgensen. 

King Diamond’s Abigail recounts the story of  Miriam Natias and Jonathan La Fey, a couple who inherit a family mansion in 1845. Unfortunately, their new homestead is inhabited by the ghost of a mummified infant adamant on reclaiming its life.   

“The haunted image of the horse-drawn hearse on the cover of King Diamond’s Abigail album is as iconic as the songs contained within it,” Z2 Senior Editor Rantz Hoseley explains. “It’s an image that drips with an atmosphere and dread so tangible it almost has a physical form. We are proud to ensure this legendary image has been faithfully and artfully captured into this collectible, as the coachmen drive the hearse into the darkest night with the coffins of Abigail and her mother.”

The Platinum Edition Bundle of King Diamond’s Abigail Graphic Novel includes:

• an oversized hardcover deluxe version of the graphic novel

• a limited edition 15”-long, 8.8-lbs. Abigail 18th Century Hearse

• a graphic novel slipcase, an Abigail graphic noble picture disc LP

• five exclusive art prints

• five exclusive greeting cards 

• a King Diamond Halloween Mask

King Diamond’s Abigail, The Limited Edition Abigail 18th Century Hearse and the Platinum bundle are both available on the Z2 Comics webstore

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