Let’s Kickstart This! Senti Pinup Book

The fantastic works of Senti get collected if we can make it happen! By Nolan P. Smith It’s been a while, but what a great project to bring back the spotlight to shine on Kickstarter projects. For this installment of Let’s Kickstart This!, I bring you the collected works of one of the artists I…Read moreRead more

Let’s Kickstart This! KitRex: The 3D Paper Velociraptor

By Nolan P. Smith Pastrami Nation (Victor Valley)– Back again already for another installment of Let’s Kickstart This! Why? Cause cool stuff has no timeline: it just happens. This time, we are spotlighting something amazingly cool and simple: KitRex: The 3D Paper Velociraptor. It’s a paper raptor. That should be all you need to here…Read moreRead more

Lets Kickstart This! The Distance Between Us by Christopher Capozziello

By Nolan P. Smith-Pastrami Nation Usually I promote various creative comic book campaigns on Kickstarter because, well, I think they deserve to be funded. This is not a comic book. But this deserves to be funded, and I will tell you why. The Distance Between Us is by Christopher Capozziello, and is about Chris and…Read moreRead more

Let’s Kickstart This! The NeoLucida, a Portable Camera Lucida

Let’s Kickstart this…well, more like, let’s jump on board on this juggernaut of a campaign. I had never heard of a camera lucida before, but after seeing the NeoLucida, I realized the awesomeness of it’s creation. Here is the info from the Kickstarter page: The what? The camera lucida. It’s a prism on a stick!…Read moreRead more