The Weatherman Unveils Jerome Opeña and Cliff Chiang Covers for Story Arc Finale

By Staff Reports In anticipation of the pulse-pounding THE WEATHERMAN story arc finale, Image Comics is pleased to spotlight two jaw-dropping, limited THE WEATHERMAN #6 covers featuring the eye-popping artwork by Jerome Opeña (SEVEN TO ETERNITY) and Cliff Chiang (PAPER GIRLS). THE WEATHERMAN will go out with a bang and return with volume two in…Read moreRead more

The Weatherman #1 Review: Forecast Calls For Awesomeness

By Nolan P. Smith I wasn’t prepared for this book. I saw the positive buzz behind it, I knew when it came out, I would check it out to review, but I didn’t know much about it. I thought The Weather Man would be another sci-fi comic book entry, but man was I wrong. The…Read moreRead more

The Weatherman Takes Industry by Storm

By Staff Reports Image Comics is pleased to announce that, in order to keep up with overwhelming customer demand, THE WEATHERMAN #1 by Jody LeHeup (SHIRTLESS BEAR-FIGHTER!) and Nathan Fox (DMZ, HAUNT, Dark Reign: Zodiac) is being fast-tracked for a second printing. “I know Nathan and I speak for the whole team when we say that…Read moreRead more

Shirtless Bear-Fighter Comes Out Swinging

Shirtless Bear-Fighter

Shirtless Bear-Fighter readies for round 2 with second printing By Staff Reports Writers Jody LeHeup (former editor of Uncanny X-Force, Deadpool, Quantum and Woody) and Sebastian Girner (editor of SOUTHERN BASTARDS, DEADLY CLASS, BLACK SCIENCE), newcomer artist Nil Vendrell, colorist Mike Spicer (HEAD LOPPER, MYTHIC), and letterer Dave Lanphear launched the #WarOnBearror to overwhelming critical…Read moreRead more

Shirtless Bear Fighter #1 Review

Image Comics Brings the Fight with Shirtless Bear Fighter By Art Macias The title alone, Shirtless Bear Fighter,makes you want to see what this book is all about!