The Pokemon- Detective Pikachu Review

By Nolan P. Smith Pokemon is easily one of the biggest, most famous and longest running franchises in the entertainment industry. From the groundbreaking Game Boy games to the viral Pokemon Go mobile game, the pocket monster craze is as strong as ever. Perfect time for the first live action film, and who better to…Read moreRead more

A Fairytale Twist On Deadpool 2 The Whole Squad Can Enjoy Arrives On Digital With Movies Anywhere And Blu-ray January 15

By Staff Reports From the studio that brought you Anastasia and Ever After comes a fairy tale that doesn’t go by the book. Everyone’s favorite disreputable Super Hero returns with a twist on Deadpool 2 that the whole gang can enjoy.  Watch Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) as he teams up with Domino (Zazie Beet), Cable (Josh Brolin) and the rest of the…Read moreRead more

Deadpool 2 Review: Don’t Call it a Comeback

By Nolan P. Smith In 2016, Twentieth Century Fox and Marvel Comics shocked the world when they unleashed the rated-R anti-hero, Deadpool. Starring Ryan Reynolds, the film broke the unwritten superhero rules and held nothing back, becoming an instant hit. Now in 2018, the merc with a mouth is back, but does the sequel fall…Read moreRead more

Deadpool 2 Trailer!

By Nolan P. Smith “I was born into war…” Those are the first words out of a battle hardened Cable, played by Josh Brolin, in the latest trailer for Deadpool 2. The trailer keeps the zaniness alive, with action figures, green screens, and jabs at bad writing. The movie looks to ramp up the utter…Read moreRead more

Deadpool Breaks Records with $135 Million Opening: 5 Reasons on Why Deadpool Worked

Why the Deadpool movie broke records worldwide By Nolan P. Smith (Victor Valley)—The news is everywhere- Deadpool has smashed so many records with its $135 million dollar opening. Taking the crown for not only this weekend, but for Valentine’s Day weekends and rated R openings as a whole, the merc with a mouth was laughing…Read moreRead more

Deadpool Review: Defining the Rated R Superhero

Review by Nolan P. Smith (Victor Valley)—One of the most anticipated films of 2016 is officially now in theaters across the world: Deadpool has hacked his way onto the silver screen, and the world of cinematic superheroes will never be the same. The Deadpool name in films has been mired in controversy and setbacks for…Read moreRead more

The New Deadpool Trailer is Here, Just in Time for Christmas!

By Nolan P. Smith TRAILER FOR MATURE VIEWERS “This is a different kind of superhero story.” As a Christmas present tot he world, FOX has released the new Red Band trailer for Marvel’s merc with a mouth, Deadpool, and what a trailer it is! We get to see ‘Pool slice and dice, confront Russian X-Man…Read moreRead more

Ryan Reynolds Reveals that Deadpool Movie will be Rated-R in Style- Check out the Video!

By Nolan P. Smith The Merc with a Mouth has arrived… and on Extra! Revealed on Ryan Reynold’s Twitter (@VancityReynolds), fans got an awesome treat on April Fool’s Day as Reynolds shot a link to a very special Extra interview with A.C. Slater himself, Mario Lopez. Just watch the video and jump for joy, as…Read moreRead more

Ryan Reynolds Reveals Official Movie Costume for Deadpool Via Twitter

By Nolan P. Smith Can’t keep a good merc down. After the announcement hit that the long awaited Deadpool flick was now fast tracked, in production and starring big screen funny man Ryan Reynolds, fans waited eagerly to see how this would shape up. One major factor is, of course, the costume. Deadpool, the merc…Read moreRead more

Ryan Reynolds To Return as Deadpool, Production Starts in March

By Nolan P. Smith Let’s hear it for the Merc with a Mouth! Reports have been flying today that Ryan Reynolds is close to signing the deal to return as Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool. Reynolds portrayed the mercenary in the first Wolverine solo film, and has been attached to the project for some time. That,…Read moreRead more