Angelic #1 Review

Flying Monkeys and More Abound in Angelic By Amie Macias Flying monkeys meet rocket dolphins in a battle royal of the imagination of Mr. Simon Spurrier (Judge Dredd) & Mr. Casper Wijngaard (Limbo) in Angelic from Image Comics.

Godshaper #1 Review: Shaping My Religion

Boom! Studios Breaks New Ground With Godshaper By Kevin Hoskinson In the future, its not about how much money you have, the friends you keep or what you own that make you. It’s the god we keep and how they help us through life. Everyone has their own god. Those who don’t are nobodies, the…Read moreRead more

Mutantkind’s New Dirty Tricks Crew – Your First Look at X-FORCE #1!

By Staff Reports Marvel is pleased to present your first look at X-FORCE #1 – the exciting new series from innovative creative team Si Spurrier and Rock-He Kim! Every sovereign nation in the Marvel Universe makes use of superhumans to protect national interests and pursue a covert national agenda. The stakes are high, and the…Read moreRead more