Titanfall Expedition DLC!

By Dimsumhottie The first DLC pack for Titanfall has hit the Xbox One! The “Expedition” Pack has 3 new maps as well as some game updates such as being able to name your custom classes. For a full video preview of the new maps “Wargames”, “Runoff” and “Swampland” go to http://youtu.be/i-q4GNF6v3s  

ULTRA COMBO!!! Killer Instinct Review

Developer: Double Helix Games, Rare LTD Publisher: Microsoft Studios Platform: X-Box One Review by Jason T. Smith (Victorville, CA)— Anyone who is a fan of fighting games knows the name of Killer Instinct. A classic game for the Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64, the game was a hit back when arcades were all the rage….Read moreRead more

The X-Box One System Review: The Face of Next Gen Systems

By Nolan P. Smith Pastrami Nation (Victorville)—We knew the console wars were going to be tough. Both the PS4 and the X-Box One released in the same month, both with massive marketing campaigns and both boasting that they are the future. Well, both systems are now available, and I was able to get a Day…Read moreRead more

Microsoft Issues Statement Regarding X-Box One: What Do You Think?

So, on June 19th Microsoft issued a statement regarding the X-Box One, one that corrects what much of the criticism of the next generation consoles was aimed at. Now that this has been fixed, will this affect whether you get one or not? Check out the statement below: Last week at E3, the excitement, creativity…Read moreRead more