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Action Figure Review: Alter Nation’s Sabotage

Action Figure Review: Alter Nation’s Sabotage

By Nolan P Smith


Alter Nation is a unique independent action figure line that combines animal DNA with amazing action features that are a throwback to yesteryear. Panda Mony Toy Brands has a hit on their hands with their inaugural release- this time, we look at one of the villains of the line- Sabotage.

The Cybernetic soldier is extremely impressive in person. The design is impressive and unique, which is quite impressive for an armored soldier. He has a bionic arm with an attachment that has a punching feature and gnarly red light-up eyes and sounds. All this, and this figure still has loads of articulation. The 1:12 scale figure is a beefy one, with excellent paint apps and an impressive sculpt. The figure comes with two guns (Lazer rifle and Gatling gun), as well as a hefty knife.

Out of the four figures I have checked out so far, Sabotage is by far my favorite. This figure is the perfect balance of collectible and playability. His power punch and light-up eyes are executed exceptionally well, yet only a bit of articulation is sacrificed for the action features. Alter Nation is a line made as a love letter to figures of yesterday and yet inspired by today’s kids. Sabotage is a solid release and one I can’t recommend enough. Give the Alter Nation line a shot; you’ll be hooked.

Rating: 4.5 Pastrami Nations out of 5.

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