Batman Rebirth #1 Review: A Darker Knight

Batman Rebirth #1 Review: A Darker Knight

Batman-Rebirth-1-CVBatman Rebirth Introduces a dark take on a familiar villain

By Nolan P. Smith

Batman has been one book that even through the New 52, continued to deliver entertaining stories with excellent creative teams. Now, with the Rebirth event spanning the DCU, we get Batman Rebirth, which introduces us to a new status quo for a certain character and turns a longtime villain into something far creepier than before.

Written by Tom King & Scott Snyder with art by Mikel Janin, this issue feels more like the start of a new storyline rather than a status quo shifting relaunch, like Green Arrow. We see Batman, Alfred, and former Robin Duke all take their places in the new DCU. We also see a new take on the classic villain the Calendar Man, which is creepy, disgusting and fits extremely well into the Batman rouges. The issue felt fluid, entertained, and at the end, leaves the reader ready for what this Rebirth has to offer.

One confusing part for me is Duke: having not followed the Bat books extremely close during the New 52, all I know is Duke was a Robin, and now is something else. But what is he? And why? We see the yellow suit he dons, but if he isn’t a Robin, what exactly is he for team Batman? And why isn’t he a Robin anymore? All questions what will no doubt be answered as the Batman line of books move forward.

I enjoyed Batman: Rebirth, and I think for many, this will lead them into following the new adventures of Batman moving forward.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10.

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