Superman: Rebirth #1 Review: Super Recap

Superman Rebirth #1 Sets the Stage By Nolan P. Smith Out of all the Rebirth issue coming out, Superman is what I was most looking forward to. With the Superman now being THE Superman from past continuity after the New 52 Superman died during the excellent Final Days of Superman storyline that wrapped up before Rebirth, this truly marks a […]

Batman Rebirth #1 Review: A Darker Knight

Batman Rebirth Introduces a dark take on a familiar villain By Nolan P. Smith Batman has been one book that even through the New 52, continued to deliver entertaining stories with excellent creative teams. Now, with the Rebirth event spanning the DCU, we get Batman Rebirth, which introduces us to a new status quo for a certain character and turns […]

Green Arrow Rebirth #1 Review: Hits Its Mark

Green Arrow Rebirth is Exactly What Oliver Queen Needed By Nolan P. Smith With DC Comics Rebirth, we get a slew of new and relaunched titles, which is actually a great thing, as many of these characters are being somewhat returned to days reminiscent of their glory days. For the emerald archer, this means returning to aspects long missing from […]