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Best of 2020: Best Action Figure

Best of 2020: Best Action Figure

By Nolan P. Smith

2020 is behind us now, so it is time to look back at the very best of the year. Though 2020 was hard in a variety of ways, the content and entertainment released was amazing. The Pastrami Nation staff came together to create our picks for the Best of 2020. Next up is Best Action Figure.

5. Marvel Legends Thunderstrike (Hasbro)

Now, this might not be on everyone’s list for Best of 2020, but it was a no brainer for us. Marvel Legends gave us one of my favorite characters of all time this year with Thunderstrike. The one time Thor is rocking his vest and triangle hammer, and done so amazingly. There were a lot of great Marvel Legends released in 2020 but this one takes the cake for us.

4. DC Comics Hellbat (McFarlane Toys)

McFarlane Toys released many amazing toys this year, but this ranks up there as the best. The Hellbat version of Batman is an extremely well-done figure. With such girth to it, great articulation, and amazing paint apps, this is a bargain for the $20 price tag it retailed for.

3. Beasts of the Mesozoic Ceratopsian Series (Creative Beast Studio)

It was impossible to narrow it down to one of these amazing Ceratopsians, so the whole line gets the number 3 spot. If you are looking for the best dinosaurs figures on the market, look no further. With beasts in varying size and price point, these figures must be seen in person to fully be appreciated. Seen above is the Medusaceratops lokii action figure, which measures 12 inches long and features 20 points of articulation.

2. Transformers Tarn (Flame Toys/Bluefin)

This is a beast of a figure, and the only Tarn figure made so far. Flame Toys and Bluefin continued the Kuro Kara Kuri line with Tarn, who was made available once again in 2020 after selling out of the initial release. Based on the character from the IDW comics series, this figure boasts die-cast parts, LED lights, and a detachable face mask (the Decepticon symbol), and more. A must for Transformers fans!

1. Dark Knight Returns Batman (Mafex)

Based on The Dark Knight Returns storyline, The MAFEX Batman takes our top spot for 2020. The six-inch figure is loaded with articulation and accessories, a fabric cape and more. This is easily the best figure of the Dark Knight Returns version of Batman, and I cannot wait for the rest of this line. Mafex held nothing back with this amazing version of old man Bruce.

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