Detective Comics #934: Bat Team Assemble

Detective Comics #934: Bat Team Assemble

DTC_Cv934_ds-666x1024Detective Comics #934 Brings Together Batman’s Greatest Allies

By Nolan P. Smith

Batman’s Rebirth special was pretty great, as we saw a dark path the Bat books will be going down. With Detective Comics #934, we almost get another Rebirth, but this time focusing on the members of the Bat family… and Clayface?

Written by James Tynion IV and with art by Eddy Barrows, we see a new start to the Bat team members, as Batman visits with Batwoman to ask for her aide in training a team to help combat an unknown evil lurking in the shadows. The team consists of the Spoiler, Tim Drake- the Red Robin, one time Batgirl- The Orphan, and Clayface. Yeah, I was a bit shocked at the inclusion of the tragic Bat villain myself. But I think by adding Clayface to the mix, and humanizing a usually one-dimensional villain, we could end up with some really great moments. We don’t see much of who the team is getting ready to face, but I would expect some huge swerve or surprise, as it is going to take a formidable foe to take on such an impressive team.

Tynion IV has continuously impressed me, and this issue is no different. He scripts scenes that fit so well into the dark world of Gotham, and introduces us to the team in an excellent manner. Barrow’s artwork is top-notch, and his detail and emotion in the movie theater scene stole the show. This was an extremely impressive start to the new Detective Comics, and I feel I will be on board for the ride.

Rating: 9.0 out of 10.

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