Doctor Who The Eighth Doctor Volume 1 Review: The Man in the Mirror

Doctor Who The Eighth Doctor Volume 1 Review: The Man in the Mirror

jan161650Doctor Who Returns with the Eighth Doctor in tow thanks to Titan Comics

By Daniel Schwartz

Contributing Reviewer

For most Whovians, the only exposure they have to the Eighth Doctor is the mediocre TV movie and the amazing “Night of the Doctor”. While his adventures have been well documented in novels and audiobooks, many fans of this Doctor have not experienced this pivotal part of Doctor Who lore.

For fans of this unique and fascinating Doctor, this collection does not disappoint. Bringing together the all of issues in first story arc, aptly titled “A Matter of Life and Death”, this comic draws the reader into all of time and space from the first panel.

Starting off by introducing readers to his new companion Josie, the story quickly escalates into a battle to save a small town from paintings come to life. Fascinated by some impossible knowledge that Josie possesses, the Doctor brings Josie along as they travel to the past, future, and everywhere in between. With the fate of several worlds at stake, can the Doctor solve the mystery of his new companion before it is too late?

Readers will want that question answered and will be glued to every page. George Mann’s story flows effortlessly as he lays out each issue and links them together to finish them off with a stunning ending and a shocking guest appearance in the final issue.

With Emma Vieceli’s smooth pencils and the vibrant colors throughout, the reader is transported to different times, planets, and even the Victorian TARDIS control room. In a word, from start to finish, this collection is amazing fun and well worth the read.

Rating: 10 out of 10. An adventure from beginning to end. In a year with only a Christmas special on TV, this will definitely fill the Time Lord sized hole in your heart.

Publisher: Titan Comics
Writer: George Mann
Artist: Emma Vieceli