Ether: The Copper Golems #1 Review: Where I Belong

Ether: The Copper Golems #1 Review: Where I Belong


By Nolan P. Smith

When Matt Kindt and David Rubin brought us the first Ether mini-series in 2016-2017, it caught readers off guard. The story of a broken down man of science Boone Dias and his adventures that traversed our world into a mythical world known as the Ether is one that caught the public’s eye and heart. Back with a second series, we visit the down on his luck Boone and the unimaginable world of the Ether.

We start the book with Boone locked up, but that doesn’t last. His former employer comes knocking: they need him to go back to the Ether and stop the Copper Golems from punching holes through the dimension. Of course, time passes differently in the Ether, meaning that Boone would have to give even more of his life to save the world, but what about those that mean the world to him?

We get a very cool glimpse into people throughout history that went to the Ether in efforts to protect the Earth, which adds a whole new spin on the story. Boone goes back to the Ether, and into the Faerie Kingdom, to get help in closing the holes left by the Copper Golems. This leads to a mythical jailbreak and a flashback to when Boone first entered the Ether, all of those years ago.

Kindt and Rubin continue their exceptionally high quality of storytelling with this kick-off issue to the next arc. The book is vibrant and eye-popping in the Ether, and downtrodden when in the real world, which adds a lot to the reading experience. Boone comes into contact with members of his family here, something we wanted to see in the first arc, so the payoff is already worth it. Let’s see how Boone fares against the Copper Golems; I can’t wait for the next issue.

Rating: 9.0 out of 10.