Let’s Kickstart This!!! Clan of the Vein Kickstarter Has 7 Days Left!

Let’s Kickstart This!!! Clan of the Vein Kickstarter Has 7 Days Left!

077f8cb31463bbe50a395c1fbef47792_largeSeven days!!!

You officially have a week to be a part of the amazing Kickstarter project known as Clan of the Vein. Written by Neo Edmund and with artwork by Neil D’Monte and Jason Walton, this looks like it will be a smash hit of a book! Check out the story straight from the Kickstarter page!

“You were taught to be afraid of the dark. Now you will learn to fear the light.”

Clan of the Vein is an action-packed graphic novel about Ian MacBane – history’s most deadly vampire turned vampire assassin. Fueled by relentless determination, MacBane tirelessly hunted the world for countless centuries until he had exterminated every last vampire. With his quest seemingly complete, he became damned to live an immortal existence as a warrior without a war. Taking refuge in an ancient castle on an uncharted island off Hy Brasil, where he survived on an alchemic serum that suppressed his thirst for human blood.

His isolation ends when a squad of vampires called the Children of Judas attack. His belief that he had exterminated the vampire menace was dead wrong. The last remaining vampires have joined forces to locate an ancient artifact that would give birth to a new generation of monsters. The location of this lost artifact is locked deep in the abyss of MacBane’s forgotten past and his enemies will stop at nothing to force him to remember.

Check out the official Kickstarter page HERE.

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