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Pre-orders for Madballs vs GPK End May 1st

Pre-orders for Madballs vs GPK End May 1st

By Staff Reports

For over 3 decades, they’ve been the wackiest of the wacky and the grossest of the gross. Now, at long last, the worlds of Madballs and GPK have come together to face off in epic action figure 2-packs by Premium DNA! Pre-orders end May 1st, don’t delay!

FEATURES: Every 2-pack includes one classic GPK character and a Madballs rival, locked in a battle for the ages. Figures stand 6” tall and feature parts-swapping capabilities (COMPATIBLE WITH ALL PREMIUM DNA MADBALLS) to create your own customized monstrosities!

Added surprises like breakaway battle damage panels, disgusting accessories, and additional hands bring the possibilities to new heights!

Preorder yours now HERE!

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