Regression #2 Review: Bending Reality

Regression #2 Review: Bending Reality

Regression_02-1By Art Macias

The wait for the second issue of Regression is over! Brought to you by Image Comics and the team of Cullen Bunn (writer) and Danny Luckert (artist), issue #2 picks up right after the surprisingly gruesome ending of the first issue.

As the police investigate the death of the hypnotist, Adrian continues with hallucinations that are becoming more prominent. Struggling with reality and succumbing at times to what appears to be a regressed personality, Adrian continues to look for the answers he desperately needs to find peace at any cost. All the while detectives are closing in on who they believe is the true killer.

Cullen and Luckert continue to deliver and make this book not to be missed read. Find Regression #1 if you still can, and make sure to continue with this outstanding sophomore issue.

Rating: 9.0 out of 10